Is Wealth Management Right for Your Firm?

Double-digit growth is within the grasp of many CPA firms through wealth management. The Wealth Management Feasibility Analysis and Consultation™ engagement from 1st Global is specifically designed to quantify this growth opportunity and provide an executable road map for high-performance CPA firms to achieve their highest profit and valuation potential.

What is Your Firm's Potential?

1st Global's Wealth Management Feasibility Analysis and Consultation™ engagement offers a riskless, comprehensive look at a CPA firm's potential embedded wealth management enterprise value and outlines the optimal services, processes, structure and techniques necessary to realize this potential.

Sustainable Growth Strategies

With 1st Global's knowledge of the market and extensive research capabilities, the company will help your firm discover opportunities to create sustainable growth without dramatically altering your firm or its culture.

Creating double-digit revenue and profit growth in today's economic environment requires a CPA firm to engage in one or more of the following strategies:

  • Acquire less profitable competitors at a reasonable price and eliminate redundant fixed costs
  • Eliminate client attrition through a focus on key account services and relationship management
  • Move into synergistic services that are high growth and high benefit
Wealth Management Feasibility Analysis and Consultation

Wealth Management Feasibility Analysis and Consultation™

Building a successful wealth management enterprise inside a multi-partner accounting firm not only takes the will to succeed, but also a road map for reaching your firm's highest potential.

How It Works

How It Works

Discover how to find your firm's embedded potential as a wealth management enterprise and how to maximize optimal client services, processes, structure, techniques and financial metrics.

Who is 1st Global?

Who is 1st Global?

For more than 20 years, 1st Global has been a leading growth consultant for CPA firms that seek to be the preeminent providers of high-benefit services to their most valued clients.