Here is the five-step process for engaging 1st Global in a Wealth Management Feasibility Analysis and Consultation™

Step 1

Contact 1st Global Consulting

Call 1st Global at 800-959-8461 or email

Step 2

Participate in a Qualification Interview

1st Global consultants will go through a series of questions with you to determine whether your firm will benefit from this feasibility analysis and consultation.

Step 3

Fact-Finding and Information Gathering Process

Through a series of questionnaires and interviews, 1st Global will gather the information required to prepare the analysis.

Step 4

1st Global Prepares Your Firm's Feasibility Analysis

All data and findings are strictly confidential.

Step 5

1st Global Presents Findings

1st Global will present the findings of the embedded potential your firm has as a wealth management practice. This report and on-site consultation will illustrate how you can maximize a wealth management enterprise through optimal client services, processes, structure, techniques and financial metrics.